Are you an experienced carer?

Are you an experienced carer?

looking to start a career as a carer?

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Please find below a synopsis of our customer-centric services:

Home (Domiciliary) Care

At Caring Hands Agency, we have well trained, experienced and dependable carers who are always happy to be of service anywhere duty calls. Our solid staff base allows us to supply candidate for any of the following specialized care arears:
Care of elderly people
Parkinson’s Diseases
Alzheimer’s Diseases
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At Caring Hands Agency, we are posed to provide a wide range of carers who are well trained and well adapted to cater to the specialised needs of private and local authority establishments. We supply carefully selected qualified nurses and trained Health care assistants with experience in...

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Just like our customers, we believe our staff should get the most out of life which is why we give them the best possible training. We are aware that for any carer to distiguish himself/herself there basic skills that they must possess, such as: Rock solid Confidence, Exercise Compassion and...

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Semi-Independent Living

This is a specialised service. Please call  +44 20085950464 for discussions.

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Uncompromised Quality Service
Well Trained & Professional Team
Compassionate Care givers

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Collaborative Post Being a caregiver can be tough, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Too often, we are so caught up with the wellbeing of the individuals who require care, that we forget the impact on the caregivers providing it. Although rewarding, caring for someone can have a profound effect on your own
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