At Caring Hands Agency, we are posed to provide a wide range of carers who are well trained and well adapted to cater to the specialised needs of private and local authority establishments. We supply carefully selected qualified nurses and trained Health care assistants with experience in a variety of specialties:Care for the elderly (in hospitals, nursing homes & residential homes), Home Healthcare (private and confidential), Travel Nurse/ Carerhome nursing, Psychiatry, Hostels Crisis intervention centers, Disability, Midwifery, Nursing in specialised/ confined areas such as prisons, Day care centers, Accident & Emergency, General Nursing, District Nursing, Ward managers, School Nursing

Our services are provided on both short term and long term basis. We offer flexible back-up staff to cater for all situations, including; away days, sickness, vacancy and absence leave.

Most importantly our staff are friendly, professional and caring.

Whether you are private or community based client requiring carers or you are a carer that would like to work for an organisation that puts people first, where people are motivated everyday to become a better version of their yesterday self, then we’d like to hear from you.

Please call us on +44 20085950464